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At Car Loan Masters, we're determined to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs. We know how important a decent vehicle is to everyone in the GTA and so we offer a wide variety of models for you to choose from. Once you've found the perfect car, we can help you out with all your financing needs too by securing you an auto loan, even in poor credit situations, getting you a good interest rate, and offering a reasonable monthly payment amount.

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Why Buy a Used Car?

Our inventory is made up of used vehicles because we truly believe in their value. Unlike new vehicles, a used one will not depreciate the minute it is driven off the lot. In fact, new vehicles depreciate around 20–30% within the first year of ownership. By choosing to buy a used vehicle from us, your car will not lose as much value and you'll have more to put towards a new car when the time comes.

Car insurance can be pricey in Canada, but used cars tend to provide much lower insurance payments. You also have access to a lot more information on your vehicle because it's not brand new. This means you can look up reviews by users and experts to find out what the future of your vehicle will look like–you don't get this luxury with new models!

In addition to seeing the future of your car, you can also see its past. You will be provided with records of maintenance, repairs, and more to show what condition the used vehicle is in when you buy it. This allows you to project the kind of maintenance and other costs you'll need to make allowance for in the coming years.

Lastly, used vehicles offer more variety. Though you may think it is difficult to find the make and model you want, it is actually much easier to find the perfect car in a used vehicle range than in a new one. New cars also can take up to twelve months to be ready, whereas you can drive our used cars off the lot today!

What Kind of Car Inventory Will I Find?

Our used vehicle inventory is extensive. We know our customers are looking for a diverse range when shopping for cars which is why we have curated such a collection. In our inventory, you will find cars dating back to 2013 and models from some of the biggest vehicle makers around, including BMW, Chevrolet, Lexus, Land Rover, and Nissan.

To make it easier to find the vehicle you want in our online store, we have a filter setting which allows you to narrow down your search. You can search by year, make, model, odometer, type, and price using these filters. At Car Loan Masters, we're committed to helping each and every customer find the car that suits their requirements.

Why Should I Buy From Car Loan Masters?

Car Loan Masters has lots of experience in the automotive industry which makes us a good choice for anyone looking for a vehicle upgrade or car financing with bad or no credit. We've built up good connections with lenders who will take a risk on those looking for loans, even with blemishes on their credit reports, and we spend lots of time collecting the most diverse range of used cars in the region.

We're very proud of our impeccable customer service team who are always on hand to give you advice and recommendations. Our sales professionals have much experience finding the right car for each buyer, and we're sure we can find the right one for you too.

Car Loan Masters is 100% committed to customer satisfaction, so why not visit one of our locations in the Greater Toronto Area to find out more today?

Do You Offer Any Auto Financing?

Yes, we do! At Car Loan Masters, we're dedicated to helping our customers finance their purchases. We have helped residents across the GTA with bankruptcy or bad credit find financing for their new vehicles, and we aim to have you approved for your loan as quickly as we can.

To find out more about our auto financing services, take a look at our car loan application page. If you're wondering how much you would be expected to pay each month, you can work it out beforehand using our payment calculator.

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